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Practices are in full swing for 2017!!!!!!!

Time to get things rolling again. We are well underway for practices for the 2016/2017 indoor season. Get to practice today so you don't miss out tomorrow!

Workout Information

"Legendary Abs"

Although we do some training at the Zero G facility related to core strength and explosion, it is recommended that you follow a regular routine that promotes core strength and explosion related to pole vaulting.

It is recommended that you follow a daily routine of core strength at least 5 days a week to maintain proper strength to be able to vault adequately. I personally like the "Legendary Abs" routine that is linked below. It is a great core workout that can be done daily to build core strength. With this routine, it is very important that you do the exercise properly, that you do each exercise at the speed stated(slow, med., fast) and that you take the exact amount of rest recommended between each exercise. I also usually start my athletes at the level 3 workout. When you feel that you can complete the workout adequately, progress to the next level.

"Legendary Abs" (pdf file)

Speed-Core-Explode weight training:

I have put together a weight training routine that is specifically designed for Pole Vaulters that I feel if you follow it to the letter, there is no way that you won't feel the improved ability to run faster as well as the ability to leap. The focus of this strength program is to train specific body parts in each workout and to focus on doing things that improve core speed. Each of the four days worth of workouts are different and train different aspects of core speed and explosion. If you notice, each week the main lift has different reps. A superset means that you do an exercise and immediately go to another exercise with little or no rest. When you complete the superset, there is a set rest period. Try it for 4 weeks and see if you don't feel 100% stronger, faster, and more explosive!

This workout includes the "Legendary Abs" workout, so if you decide to do the full program, then each workout tells you when to do the abs routine.

Speed-Core-Explode Training workout (pdf file)